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From choosing the right haircut to proper hairstyling tools and techniques... there are some tricky ways to make your hair look longer. Make sure to learn how to treat your tresses in order to create ...
Maria Menounos is the newest covergirl of Shape July 2012 issue. Flaunting her hot bikini body on the cover, Maria Menounos shared her tips on how to get the body like this inside the mag. ...
Sunscreen bulks large especially if it comes to Summer skincare routine. Make sure you learn the following sunscreen facts to choose and apply it properly.
Summer heat makes some changes in our lives and it is inevitable. But don't let it prevent you from regular exercising. Here are several tips that can help you to get through your Summer workouts. ...
Kate Beckinsale showing off her toned tummy appeared on the cover of Women's Health July/August 2012 issue. Here are all the highlights of her interview.
With the movie premieres and the 2012 Critics' Choice Television Awards this week has seen celebrities walk the red carpet looking glam. Check out the best red carpet beauty looks of the past week.
Eco-friendly cosmetics makes sense not only in terms of being earth-friendly and cruelty-free but also in terms of being more healthy. There are many toxic chemicals in the regular cosmetics that can cause irritation and ...
From belladonna for brighter eyes to quicklime for smoother skin... Make sure you learn what women of the past had to undergo in order to follow beauty trends.
Amanda Seyfried is fronting an ad campaign for a $13, 000 Clé de Peau Beauté Moisturizer created by the company to mark the anniversary of the brand. Also read beauty news from Dior and Giorgio ...
Daily Mail revealed the findings Good Morning America has found in beauty counter testers. Apart from bacteria and mold there is also yeast and fecal matter in one of every five testers no matter if ...
There is no one who knows more about effective exercise regimen than the former Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels. Be sure you learn the fitness secrets she shared with Women's Health June 2012 issue.
Under eye eyeliner is a cool way to make your eyes pop. It can be colored or graphic or just bolder than the upper lid line. Check out the runway looks with the under eye ...
Kenny Chesney appeared on the cover of Men's Health June 2012 edition. Inside the mag he dishes on his fitness routine, bad habits and more. Keep reading to check out all the highlights of Kenny ...
Chanel has launched another summer makeup collection. Focusing on the eyes the collection offers eyeshadow palettes, mono eyeshadows, eyeliner in three different colors and two mascaras.
MAC has created another beauty collection full of colors and products. There is Mineralize eyeshadow, blush and powder as well as lipsticks and cremesheen glass, False Lashes mascara, and skin care products.
With the latest anti-aging nail polish collection by Dermelect, painting nails is no more for decorating purposes only, now it is used to protect your nails against aging as well. Keep reading to learn ...
Emma Stone is a beautiful actress and she always dazzles on the red carpet. We've picked up the ten best looks from various red carpet events.
Creating ombre lip look can be challenging but with the right colors and some practice it is possible to rock this trend. Just pick up the colors that suit you and master the ombre effect ...
Inspiration is one of driving forces for any form of art. It is important to know where to look for it and what to do with it when it comes. Take a look at our ...
Colored eyeliner is a great way to add a pop of color to the eyes. It's an easy party look and also great change from regular black eyeliner for the summer season.
This Summer is all about hot colors... especially if it comes to nail polish options. Dress your nails with the hottest nail polish hues to compliment any of your Summer 2012 outfits.
Pastel hair trend is still going strong. There are plenty of ways to wear from subtle touch of peach on the blonde locks to dip dyed ends or even lavender or mint manes.
Trends can be challenging to wear as they are seen on the runway but there are always ways to interpret them into something that is wearable and suitable for your style.
If you'd like to make your face slimmer, be sure surgery is not the only method to get the looked-for result. There are much safer ways to slim your face visibly, among which is right ...
Shopping online for beauty products is very different than at a regular store. There are no testers or professional to help choose the right product or color. But it also allows to expand your
Exercising is essential when it comes to calorie burn and weight loss. But if you'd like to get better results from your workout, make sure your learn how to boost you calorie burn embracing just ...
Dolce & Gabbana have created a new makeup collection for Summer 2012 inspired by lace. The collection includes a bronzing powder, lip glosses, nail lacquers, mini brush set and a mascara.
Take a look at the latest beauty news. See Alexander Skarsgård's Calvin Klein Encounter ad and read about the upcoming ad campaings and makeup collections.
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Milan Fashion Week Beauty Report

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Hairstyles For Girls Who Wear Glasses

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Tired of top knots and loose hair? There are many more hairstyles that suit the girls in glasses you know. Here are the three unexpected variants.

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5 New Awesome Ways To Wear Classic Black Eyeliner

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Black eyeliner is a classic but it could use an update, don’t you think? Here are 5 fresh ways to do that.

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12 Beauty Looks From London Fashion Week You Need To See

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London Fashion Week was brief but full of inspiration and ideas. Here are the 12 beauty looks you have to see and try.

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Emmys 2015 Best Red Carpet Beauty Looks

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Another awards show went by and we’re seriously feeling the end of the year kind of vibe coming this way. See the best beauty looks from the Emmys 2015 and tell us what you think.

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All You Need To Know About Strobing

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Strobing is the an exciting new thing everyone is jumping on because it’s much easier than contouring and gives you an amazing radiant glow. Here is what you need to know about this technique.

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Best Looks From New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week is wrapping up. So it’s time to take a look through all the amazing beauty looks it brought us to get inspired by and get new ideas from.

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Coloring Techniques Guide For Your Next Hair Salon Appointment

Coloring Techniques Guide For Your Next Hair Salon Appointment »

Hair coloring techniques are diverse and numerous. Here is a guide on all the latest trendy coloring techniques you might need to prepare for your next hair salon appointment.

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Best Fall 2015 Hairstyles

Best Fall 2015 Hairstyles »

Trendy and easy? These Fall 2015 hairstyles are definitely that. You won’t have a bad hair day this whole season with them.

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How To Style Your Growing Haircut

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If you are growing out hair, our heart goes out for you. No, seriously, here are some great tips on styling that annoying growing haircut you wish you never had.

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