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MAC presents yet another collaboration collection. This time the cosmetic brand teamed up with singer Beth Ditto to create interesting 25-piece collection that includes dark colors, trendy pastels and neon brights.
Seasonal detox of your body is essential to improve health. With the hot summer days coming, it is the very time to adopt summer detox plan to clear your body of toxins and feel better. ...
Beauty budget is something that needs to be planned and thought out. Buying every other product can drain your beauty budget and leave bulk of unnecessary products.
Self-tanning lotions and creams are irreplaceable if you'd like to get beautiful bronze tan in no time. But is not as easy as it might seem, you need to follow our guide to get absolutely ...
Cannes 2012 Film Festival has closed but we are left with lots of beauty moments to enjoy so here is a list of our favorite Cannes 2012 celebrity beauty looks.
Summer can be justly named the perfect time to lose extra pounds. Plenty of veg and fruit coupled with summer heat can do half the battle. Follow these summer weight loss strategies to do the ...
Moschino is to launch a new floral-fruitty fragrance for women. The pink bottle and rhinestone-encrusted package contain top notes of bergamot, raspberry and pineapple.
MAC is constantly creating, releasing and collaborating on makeup products, collections and looks. MAC Matching Lips & Tips is a new collection that offers seven hues in matching lipglass, lipstick, and nail lacquer.
In summer oily skin becomes shiny pretty quick so it's important to prevent it to avoid oily sheen. Correcting your diet and beauty routine can reduce the shine during hot summer days.
Forget that styling your unruly hair has taken a lot of time, nerves and effort. Now it is easy as ABC, you should just learn and follow these simple tips on how to style unruly ...
Fish pedicure has been known for some time and now the report by U.K.’s Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science say the bacteria in fish cause infections not only in fish but humans as ...
Neons are huge right now for Summer. This applies to nail art as well. Learn how to wear neon nail polish to complement your trendy Summer outfit.
Take a look at five cool beauty look from the 2012 Billboard Music Awards ceremony held on May 20, at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Hot Summer weather dictates its own beauty terms, especially it is referred to the way you should style your hair. Read on for the best hot-weather hairstyle ideas.
Defined cheekbones are dramatic and glam. With enough practice and tips defined cheekbones can be created at home.
Summer is near so we are getting ready to sort out our makeup and add these makeup must-haves instead. Single blush can make for a trendy look.
Malin Akerman graces the cover of Shape June 2012. Inside the mag Malin dishes on her fitness routine and diet tips. Here are all the highlights from her interview with Shape.
Cuticles play an important role when it concerns nail health, that is why taking care of cuticles is a must for those who want to have healthy well-groomed nails. Take proper care of your cuticles ...
Bite Beauty offers a new line of lints free of parabens, phtalates, sulfates, triclosan, petrolchemicals, GMO, and synthetic fragrances and dyes. Creamy, moisturizing, and long-lasting formula sounds very summer-y. But don't forget the SPF base.
Color-correcting makeup products, such as primers and concealers can work miracles to your complexion only if chosen properly. Learn our tips on how to pick out the most suitable color-correcting makeup. Be sure, it will ...
We have already heard a lot about danger associated with hair dyeing, but do you know that a hairstyle can be also dangerous to your health. Here are all the details.
Christian Louboutin is developing a beauty line, inspired by the bust of Nefertiti while Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow are two front two different campaigns for Chanel and Boss fragrances accordingly. Learn more inside the ...
Foods that you eat influence greatly the way you exercise as well the results you get. Some food choices fuel your exercising, while others may sabotage your workout... Be sure you know what you'd better ...
Too sick that have to stay at home? Don't despair and learn top 5 fun things that you can do while home sick.
Your feet require special care to look and feel the way it should be. Cracked heels are the first sign of improper foot care to treat which you should follow these tips.
Concealer is your irreplaceable beauty weapon in fight for a perfect complexion. It works miracles if chosen and applied properly. Read on to learn how to choose and apply concealer.
Decorate your nails with the latest beauty offering by OPI. The whole collection of gorgeous nail polish strips by OPI for your perfectly manicured nails.
There is nothing sexier about woman's look than well-groomed voluminous strands. Attain voluminous hair you've always dreamt of, following just several easy steps.
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Hairstyles For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Hairstyles For Girls Who Wear Glasses »

Tired of top knots and loose hair? There are many more hairstyles that suit the girls in glasses you know. Here are the three unexpected variants.

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5 New Awesome Ways To Wear Classic Black Eyeliner

5 New Awesome Ways To Wear Classic Black Eyeliner »

Black eyeliner is a classic but it could use an update, don’t you think? Here are 5 fresh ways to do that.

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12 Beauty Looks From London Fashion Week You Need To See

12 Beauty Looks From London Fashion Week You Need To See »

London Fashion Week was brief but full of inspiration and ideas. Here are the 12 beauty looks you have to see and try.

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Emmys 2015 Best Red Carpet Beauty Looks

Emmys 2015 Best Red Carpet Beauty Looks »

Another awards show went by and we’re seriously feeling the end of the year kind of vibe coming this way. See the best beauty looks from the Emmys 2015 and tell us what you think.

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All You Need To Know About Strobing

All You Need To Know About Strobing »

Strobing is the an exciting new thing everyone is jumping on because it’s much easier than contouring and gives you an amazing radiant glow. Here is what you need to know about this technique.

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Best Looks From New York Fashion Week

Best Looks From New York Fashion Week »

New York Fashion Week is wrapping up. So it’s time to take a look through all the amazing beauty looks it brought us to get inspired by and get new ideas from.

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Coloring Techniques Guide For Your Next Hair Salon Appointment

Coloring Techniques Guide For Your Next Hair Salon Appointment »

Hair coloring techniques are diverse and numerous. Here is a guide on all the latest trendy coloring techniques you might need to prepare for your next hair salon appointment.

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Best Fall 2015 Hairstyles

Best Fall 2015 Hairstyles »

Trendy and easy? These Fall 2015 hairstyles are definitely that. You won’t have a bad hair day this whole season with them.

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How To Style Your Growing Haircut

How To Style Your Growing Haircut »

If you are growing out hair, our heart goes out for you. No, seriously, here are some great tips on styling that annoying growing haircut you wish you never had.

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Makeup Colors

Makeup Colors »

  Summer Fall Transition with Coral Makeup Marsala Color of the Year

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