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Fall/Winter 2012 is far from now but we already know what nail polish hues, nail art designs, and patterns are going to be trendy. Various nail art designs and patterns have been seen at the ...
Beach is one of the most favorite summer getaways. However, a prolonged exposure to the sun as well as other environmental factors might adversely impact our health and beauty so it's important to know the ...
Supermodels Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, and Carolyn Murphy know for sure how to look gorgeous after 30. Now you can learn it too!
Neons look great if only applied and chosen properly. Find out the greatest ways to wear neon in order to look bright and trendy.
Wave goodbye to frizzy hair using a few green hair care solutions. Experiment with the following 5 homemade leave-in conditioner recipes to explore their natural nourishing effect.
Charlize Theron, who comes from South Africa, has graced the cover of Women’s Heath South Africa April 2012 issue, in which she doesn’t only demonstrate her impeccable fashion taste but also speaks about her great ...
Taking a small piece of chocolate regularly will keep your waist slender since ingredients contained in the chocolate activate the metabolism
Keeping a secret can be difficult, and when it is a juicy secret it might be near impossible. It takes a great deal of willpower and determination, not to want to tell someone what you ...
From delicate pastels to wild neons... La Laque Couture by YSL is the latest nail polish collection for Spring 2012 comprising 30 fabulous nail polish shades to complete every fashionable look.
The way we look is mainly depends on food we eat. That is why it is so important to include certain foods rich in special "beauty" agents to keep your skin, hair and nails beautiful. ...
Swimsuit season is already round the corner. Nothing can spoil your expectation except dimpled appearance of your skin, better known as cellulite. But actually it is not the reason to give up, as we're going ...
We use computers every day which inevitably causes eye fatigue, redness, itching and general worsening of vision. To prevent these we should follow a few simple tips which will help us protect eyes from all ...
Make up has a distinct tendency to multiply (luckily not exponentially), and unless you like having your counters buried under sundry powders, paints, and liners, you need somewhere to put it all.
In our society there are not many occasions where we dress up any more. We are quite relaxed and casual these days, so sometimes our favourite piece of clothing may seem too dressy for the ...
No matter what the fashion trends are, pearly white teeth are the fashion accessory that is always 'in'. And there is no need to spend your money on costly teeth-whitening procedures as it can be ...
Women feel unconfident and stressful when being without the make-up on. Nearly 70 percent of women would never appear in front of their colleagues or boss bare-faced.
How to apply eyeshadow to make the small eyes look bigger? How to create a two or three color eye makeup? Here is the part II of our guide on eyeshadow application.
As we know world's Fashion Weeks are not all about the clothes — none of the looks we see on the runways would be complete without a brilliant beauty concept to accompany and accent them. ...
We use eyeshadow to make our eyes pop as well as put another accent into our look. In order to make it look great it should be blended well regardless of its formula.
If you are among those girls who are always on the go, you surely understand how much time one has to waste in order to let the nail polish dry. Luckily, there are lots of ...
Applying eyeliner is essential if you want to have your eyes looking bright and interesting. But for some women the procedure itself seems to be very complicated to perform. We can help you with this. ...
Move over, Spanx shapewear! Playtex revealed its 'Objective 1 Size Down' range of shapewear that's clinically proven to provide slimming and anti-cellulite effects - as well as an immediate shaping effect! Ladies, even if ...
Dramatic three-dimensional makeup has made a number of appearances at the London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012. Phyllis Cohen has created a line of makeup stick on appliques that create amazing looks for very special days ...
Spring is no doubt the best time to try bold beauty trends you've never ventured before. It brings a lot of bright colors and light textures, driving us to incredible beauty experiments. Draw inspiration for ...
Catching a cold is easier than you think but it is also easy to take preventive measures when you feel your immune system is not working well. We have collected a few effective tips that ...
Many people travel during their vacations so it can hinder their beauty routine. But with some helpful tips it can be easier. Make sure to take the minimum products that can help keep an adequate ...
Kristen Bell, all-over-smiling and happy appeared on the front cover of Women's Health April 2012. Besides gracing the WH cover, 'House of Lies' actress talks healthy lifestyle, sexy body parts, and her co-star and part-time ...
It is beneficial both for our face and our health as it is rich with healthy elements like antioxidants, vitamins C and E
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Beauty Report: 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Beauty Report: 2013 MTV Video Music Awards »

2013 MTV Video Music Awards took place in New York, Brooklyn, Barclays Center where the stars – nominees, presenters, and performers – gathered on the red carpet to show off their outfits and beauty looks. Here is our beauty report on the show.

26-08-2013 | Read Full Article
Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas

Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas »

Silver eyeshadow is super trendy this summer and fall. There are quite a few ways to wear it and we simply love the idea of playing with colors, sheens, and textures.

09-08-2013 | Read Full Article
Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain “Voilette de Madame” Fall 2013 make-up collection

Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain “Voilette de Madame” Fall 2013 make-up collection »

Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain Make-up takes a very important place in any lady’s life. Even if she claims to not use all those beauty products due to her natural appeal, she still does. She has to, just in sake of stressing what she was blessed by nature. This is exactly why so many brands are […]

01-08-2013 | Read Full Article
Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Flat Tummy For Women’s Health

Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Flat Tummy For Women’s Health »

Maria Menounos has appeared on the cover of the Women’s Health magazine for July 2013 revealing her workout secrets and other beauty tricks.

29-07-2013 | Read Full Article
Latest Celebrity Hair Transformations

Latest Celebrity Hair Transformations »

Celebrity hair is almost always an inspiration. Having arguably the best hairstylists who make sure to keep with the latest trends celebs show off their hair transformations whether they change their look for the job or just for the fun of it.

25-07-2013 | Read Full Article
5 Low-Calorie Ice-Cream Alternatives

5 Low-Calorie Ice-Cream Alternatives »

Some regions are known for scorching summers and one delicious way to beat it is ice-cream. But since it’s packed with fats and sugar these five cool low-calorie alternatives are worth to try.

18-07-2013 | Read Full Article
5 Easy Cooling Low-Sugar Drinks For Summer

5 Easy Cooling Low-Sugar Drinks For Summer »

Sugar in summer drinks can make us pack pounds while we want to stay bikini-ready throughout the season. These 5 cooling homemade drinks are low on sugar (or at least can be if you want them to be) and can come in a variety of different flavors every time.

12-07-2013 | Read Full Article
Best of Fall 2013 Haute Couture Beauty

Best of Fall 2013 Haute Couture Beauty »

Haute couture fashion week went as usual bringing lots of new and not really new ideas design and beauty-wise. Dior showed another take on statement lips while Versace went for a ‘fluttering eyes’ look. See the best of Fall 2013 haute couture beauty here.

08-07-2013 | Read Full Article
Makeup Tips For Face & Body

Makeup Tips For Face & Body »

Makeup is not only a tool to make our faces look pretty, it’s also a tool to hide body imperfections and even out the breaks in color pigment.

04-07-2013 | Read Full Article
Jillian Michaels Covers Another Shape Magazine Issue

Jillian Michaels Covers Another Shape Magazine Issue »

Jillian Michaels is again the Shape cover star. The mom and fitness coach on the Biggest Loser talks about fad diets vs. common sense, motherhood and her work. The star coach also gives advice on how to stay slim during summer vacation.

04-07-2013 | Read Full Article
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