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Get ready to replace your summer nail polish palette with lots of the newest autumnal-rich nail polish colors. Learn how to update your look for the cold months with our fabulous set of Fall/Winter 2011-2012 ...
The latest scientific research has shown that a good cup of coffee can not only boost your energy in the morning, but help to get rid of depression as well. The scientists discovered that women ...
It is absolutely evident that going short is becoming a new hair trend. Myriad female celebrities who have cut off their long tresses are the best confirmation to it. Eager to learn how they managed ...
Courteney Cox is already 47, but she looks even better than lots of 20-year-old girls. We know how she manages to stay fit. Keep reading to find out Courteney Cox’s secret to keep in shape. ...
Olivia Munn graced the cover of Shape October 2011. Besides lending her hot body and absolutely charming smile to Shape magazine, Olivia Munn shared some of her staying-fit secrets and revealed her food likings. Learn ...
Go green with your beauty regimen opting for the following easy-to-DIY natural beauty remedies which are absolutely perfect to try this fall.
Don’t slip the chance to take a peep at one of the hottest Hollywood daddies Orlando Bloom on the cover of the most celebrated glossy Men’s Health October 2011 issue. And moreover find out some ...
Sculpt your physique, getting rid of extra pounds with the following exercise tips for quick weight loss. Include some of our exercise tips into your workout plan to increase the efficiency of your training and ...
Actually, it is absolutely normal that your eyes are a bit puffy in the morning. But the lack of sleep, unbalanced nutrition or allergies can make your eyes stay puffy for up to a few ...
Bigger bust without surgery is quite a real thing nowadays. Learn how to make your bust bigger without recourse to all those costly and painful surgical procedures.
Quit torturing your body with crash diets that lead to nothing more than health problems and go for healthy food options that can really help to lose those hateful extra pounds. Include our set of ...
Rachel Bilson graces the cover of Women’s Health October 2011 issue, rocking amazing curve-hugging Express dress accompanied by a bit tousled wavy hair, natural makeup and absolutely charming smile. Learn all the highlights of ...
Top beauty experts, celebrity makeup artists and beauty editors reveal their fave beauty tips for you to look gorgeous without trying too hard. We’ve picked out some of the pro beauty tips you need to ...
Glory to Dior! Thanks to the latest beauty invention by Dior now everyone can get flawless eyeliner wings with no efforts and in no time. Read on to learn all the details…
Mother Nature provides us with a plenty of great opportunities to make hair grow faster. Various plants can boost natural hair growth process. The only thing you are to know is how to mix natural ...
Another perfect makeup creature for our alter ego has been recently presented by Illamasqua. Rich makeup colors, first-class performance, fascinating story behind the collection and surely absolutely stunning promo pics… We simply couldn’t skip the ...
According to the latest study most American (and I’m sure not only American) women aren’t happy with their bodies… if you are among these women you should first of all understand that such dissatisfaction with ...
As it is getting chilly outside, prolong your summer glow well into fall with our top 5 easy-to-follow tricks and tips.
No doubt, the best way to give yourself a remarkable makeover is to change your hairstyle. But we know how it is hard sometimes to venture on such a bold step as to cut off ...
Makeup Colors

Makeup Colors »

  Summer Fall Transition with Coral Makeup Marsala Color of the Year

05-09-2015 | Read Full Article
Missing Summer: Coral In Makeup

Missing Summer: Coral In Makeup »

Coral is a beautiful color in both fashion and makeup. It suits many and you can wear it in summer and fall. Here are a few ideas on how to do it.

05-09-2015 | Read Full Article
VMAs 2015 Best Beauty Moments

VMAs 2015 Best Beauty Moments »

VMAs 2015 had a lot of weird action, mainly coming from host Mily Cyrus, but there was also plenty of beauty action going on on the red carpet. Take a look at its highlights.

31-08-2015 | Read Full Article
Eyeliner 2015: 5 New & Fresh Ways To Accentuate Your Eyes

Eyeliner 2015: 5 New & Fresh Ways To Accentuate Your Eyes »

Eyeliner is one of the artists’ and bloggers’ favorite beauty staples. See how to wear it in a few new, fresh and trendy ways.

26-08-2015 | Read Full Article
5 Nail Trends To Sport This Fall

5 Nail Trends To Sport This Fall »

Great manicure is a great accessory but this season you can relax and just choose any trendy color you like. Lots of solid manicures without a hint of fake nails were spotted in sight. But it doesn’t mean that manicure junkies can’t sport abstract nail art on their tips. Learn more about what’s in this fall.

21-08-2015 | Read Full Article
Main Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

Main Fall 2015 Beauty Trends »

Fall 2015 is just aorund the corner. Find out all about the main beauty trends for the rest of the year to ensure you you have it on fleek.

15-08-2015 | Read Full Article
Beauty Trends 2015

Beauty Trends 2015 »

How to Wear Lipliner in 2015 Marsala Color of the Year 5 Alternative Smokey Eyes How to Wear Trendy Purple Eyeshadow

14-08-2015 | Read Full Article
Star Wars Inspire Beauty Products

Star Wars Inspire Beauty Products »

Star Wars is kinda a big deal and the beauty industry doesn’t let it slip under its radar either. Check out this Star Wars inspired makeup collection by CoverGirl.

14-08-2015 | Read Full Article
5 Signs You’re A Makeup Hoarder (Sorta)

5 Signs You’re A Makeup Hoarder (Sorta) »

There are girls who love makeup and then there are girls who LOVE makeup. Find out if you’re kinda a makeup hoarder.

05-08-2015 | Read Full Article
5 Skin Facts That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

5 Skin Facts That Will Change Your Beauty Routine »

Skin is an amazing organ that has over 1,000 species of bacteria living on it, weighs 8-9 pounds and covers 22 square feet. It’s also prone to wrinkling and tanning. Here are a few facts that will help you improve your beauty routine.

27-07-2015 | Read Full Article
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