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Finally it has happened! Yesterday Royal wedding was held in GB having compelled everybody’s attention all over the world. And surely Kate Middleton was in the spotlight. I must admit she looked gorgeous, a real ...
Thermo diet is a new revolutionary weight loss secret offered by an American writer, Timothy Ferriss. Keep reading to learn how to lose weight without starving and exhausting exercising.
Pool-party time is already round the corner, and if you are not ready yet to show off your curves then our great tips to firm and sexy buttocks will help you to lose some extra ...
Wonder how to paint your nails for the forthcoming weekend? Try something from the best celebrity-inspired nail color ideas for Spring 2011.
You’ve already tried everything to cure harassing persistent cough, but nothing helps. Don’t give up; scientists have found something that can cure your cough easily. Keep reading to find out what is considered to be ...
Find out all the celebrities who have lately preferred to turn into red-haired vixens. Here you can find all the latest celebrity hairstyle transformations in favor of vivid red locks.
It seems to me that ballet beauty boom has absorbed everybody in Spring/Summer 2011 season. And no wonder as ballet beauty means minimum efforts, yet gorgeous elegance. Keep reading how to steal that uber popular ...
Have you already got your fave mini skirt and sandals, but can’t venture to show off your legs that have probably been in hiding this past winter and spring. Then follow our tips to get ...
Nails can tell a lot about a person, thus it is important to keep nails clean, well-groomed and surely healthy. Healthy in the first turn means strong, and if your fingernails are brittle and constantly ...
Unique beauty of brunettes fascinates with its mystery, and dramatic contrast range. Brunettes seem to radiate some special kind of energy that wins men’s hearts. And in order to accentuate this inimitable beauty and sensuality ...
Makeup foundation is an absolute must-have if you want to get a flawless beauty look. But a lot of women don’t use it at all because of its dense texture that tends to clog pores. ...
If your skin has lost its radiance and looks tired there is no better way to revive it than using detox procedures. Learn how to detox in order to get back your glowing complexion.
The power of positive emotions such as joy is absolutely unquestionable. Joy helps us live longer, that’s why it is considered to be an ultimate elixir of life. Try rejoicing even at minor things and ...
Good nutrition is a key point to robust health, as what you eat affects your body work. That’s why it is very important to eat healthy. Aren’t sure what exactly should be considered healthy, find ...
Brunettes are usually associated with incredible sex appeal and explosive temper that drive men crazy, all the more if it concerns celebrated Hollywood actresses. But who is worthy to be called the hottest one? Keep ...
Karl Lagerfeld is a well-known bibliomaniac, but who could have imagined that the reason of his weakness for books is in how it smells like! He is admired by the scent of books so much ...
Thor star, Chris Hemsworth has appeared on the cover of Men’s Health May 2011 issue. Keep reading to find out the highlights of his Men’s Health interview…
Summer is already round the corner, and it is the very time when our skin gets this fabulous sun touch. Thus it is absolutely essential to adapt usual makeup to your tanned skin to look ...
The hottest ever Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels appeared on the cover of Shape magazine May 2011 issue. Besides showing off her gorgeous body, Jillian has kindly shared her tips on how to get into ...
Do you want to spice up your love life? Just a piece of cake! Find out what scents serving as natural aphrodisiacs for him or her, are able to arouse even the most secret desires, ...
You just became mom? Congratulations! Learn how to get back on track with your career while caring for your baby and also check out cutest baby clothes at Very.co.uk.
No one man can resist the charms of bewitching blondes. Pale skin, blonde hair and expressive look are the features of every fair-haired beauty that are so alluring for men. But the effect would be ...
Just look at Sara Rue! She has lost more than 50 lbs and now she is looking amazing. It must be admitted Sara Rue knows for sure how to lose extra pounds. Learn her secret ...
Wonder how to make your hair glossy and vivid? Well, there are no better advisers than our favorite all-knowing celebrities. Therefore keep reading to find out all the celebrity tips to get glossy hair easily. ...
As you’ve surely heard the past year turned out to be really hard for Disney star, Demi Lovato. Poor girl! But fortunately she doesn’t give up and moreover tries to help other young girls suffering ...
Women’s Health May 2011 issue is going to hit bookstalls on April 19th with a new celebrated face or more exactly body on its cover. Take a look at hot Julianne Hough covering Women’s Health ...
Spring is the very time to freshen up your look, and if you are going to start with hairstyle transforming then celebrity hairstyle ideas can serve as nothing better than a wonderful endless source of ...
The former American Idol star, Pia Toscano is looking stunning and glamorous these days. Want to find out how to steal her gorgeous makeup and hairstyle look? Congrats, you are headed in the right direction. ...
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New York Fashion Week Spring 2014: Best Beauty Looks

New York Fashion Week Spring 2014: Best Beauty Looks »

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is now over and we get to see all the photos from the shows, backstage, and front rows. See the best beauty looks from the latest fashion shows and learn what trends will be hot in Spring 2014.

12-09-2013 | Read Full Article
5 Glorious Beauty Trends of Fall 2013

5 Glorious Beauty Trends of Fall 2013 »

The Fall season brought us some truly glorious beauty trends. You may choose between wearing lipstick or eyeshadow, between sheens and textures, and hues like orange and black. Hair and nail trends are too quite exciting.

05-09-2013 | Read Full Article
Beauty Report: 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Beauty Report: 2013 MTV Video Music Awards »

2013 MTV Video Music Awards took place in New York, Brooklyn, Barclays Center where the stars – nominees, presenters, and performers – gathered on the red carpet to show off their outfits and beauty looks. Here is our beauty report on the show.

26-08-2013 | Read Full Article
Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas

Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas »

Silver eyeshadow is super trendy this summer and fall. There are quite a few ways to wear it and we simply love the idea of playing with colors, sheens, and textures.

09-08-2013 | Read Full Article
Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain “Voilette de Madame” Fall 2013 make-up collection

Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain “Voilette de Madame” Fall 2013 make-up collection »

Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain Make-up takes a very important place in any lady’s life. Even if she claims to not use all those beauty products due to her natural appeal, she still does. She has to, just in sake of stressing what she was blessed by nature. This is exactly why so many brands are […]

01-08-2013 | Read Full Article
Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Flat Tummy For Women’s Health

Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Flat Tummy For Women’s Health »

Maria Menounos has appeared on the cover of the Women’s Health magazine for July 2013 revealing her workout secrets and other beauty tricks.

29-07-2013 | Read Full Article
Latest Celebrity Hair Transformations

Latest Celebrity Hair Transformations »

Celebrity hair is almost always an inspiration. Having arguably the best hairstylists who make sure to keep with the latest trends celebs show off their hair transformations whether they change their look for the job or just for the fun of it.

25-07-2013 | Read Full Article
5 Low-Calorie Ice-Cream Alternatives

5 Low-Calorie Ice-Cream Alternatives »

Some regions are known for scorching summers and one delicious way to beat it is ice-cream. But since it’s packed with fats and sugar these five cool low-calorie alternatives are worth to try.

18-07-2013 | Read Full Article
5 Easy Cooling Low-Sugar Drinks For Summer

5 Easy Cooling Low-Sugar Drinks For Summer »

Sugar in summer drinks can make us pack pounds while we want to stay bikini-ready throughout the season. These 5 cooling homemade drinks are low on sugar (or at least can be if you want them to be) and can come in a variety of different flavors every time.

12-07-2013 | Read Full Article
Best of Fall 2013 Haute Couture Beauty

Best of Fall 2013 Haute Couture Beauty »

Haute couture fashion week went as usual bringing lots of new and not really new ideas design and beauty-wise. Dior showed another take on statement lips while Versace went for a ‘fluttering eyes’ look. See the best of Fall 2013 haute couture beauty here.

08-07-2013 | Read Full Article
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