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Beauty is mysterious and versatile so it has secrets. OurVanity shares beauty secrets and provides tips for any occasion. Get to know the latest hair and skin products as well as new nail polish and makeup collections. Learn celebrity beauty secrets and health & fitness tips. OurVanity is an ultimate guide to beauty and health!

  • Models are setting trends for everything fashion-related and even fitness. Go for a boxing session like a Victoria's Secret angel or pick up a surfing board to ride the waves and balance and strenthen those ...
  • These fitness trends are the 2016's main suspects. Tabata is still going strong as far as the training disciplines go and a strong back is slowly pushing the butt cult aside.
  • Dark circles is a scorge of all beauty junknies. There are many reasons for dark circles but you can at least minimize their appearance by looking deeper than sleep patterns and lifestyle.
  • Thanksgiving sets the Christmas countdown but it doesn't mean you can be festive with your diet every day. Instead of waiting for New Years to make that weight resolution and struggle to keep with it ...
  • Keeping your weight in check is importwnt important for staying healthy and beautiful through the years.
  • Staying fit on vacation may seem daunting but it's not all that terribly difficult as you might imagine. Just simple few steps can keep those extra pounds off.
  • So when you are working out hard you want to see results and fast but making mistakes is inevitable and not doing some things can hinder whatever the goal you're trying to achieve. Here are ...
  • How to finally make yourself eat healthy and go to the gym?

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Beauty has so many facets and faces! Find out the beauty tips and secrets with We put up tips on hair, nail and skin care, latest beauty trends and new makeup styles. Get to know what your favorite celebrities use to maintain their beauty. OurVanity is a source of multiplying beauty tips, secrets and news. Stay tuned for the latest beauty products, makeup collections and tips.

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She looks like she will do well for a magazine cover with...

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Get rid of stains on teeth with...

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@morning mane and tail works wonders and...

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I have 3 moles one on nose one on lip & other on left cheek making...

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OurVanity knows everything about beauty. All the new beauty products, secrets and trends are in our sight! We share beauty secrets and tips on everything from hair to fitness. Check out the latest nail designs and nail polish collections, skin care products and makeup ranges from the best makeup brands. Get to know your favorite celeb beauty secrets and tips on staying fit or perfect white smile.