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  • Eyeliner is one of the artists' and bloggers' favorite beauty staples. See how to wear it in a few new, fresh and trendy ways.
  • Great manicure is a great accessory but this season you can relax and just choose any trendy color you like. Lots of solid manicures without a hint of fake nails were spotted in sight. But ...
  • Star Wars is kinda a big deal and the beauty industry doesn't let it slip under its radar either. Check out this Star Wars inspired makeup collection by CoverGirl.
  • Skin is an amazing organ that has over 1,000 species of bacteria living on it, weighs 8-9 pounds and covers 22 square feet. It's also prone to wrinkling and tanning. Here are a few facts ...
  • Clown contouring is a new thing on the street. It's a fun method to your tedious beauty routine.
  • Artist Thomas Leveritt has shown men and women on the street how their skin looks through a UV light camera that can see yet invisible changes in the skin.
  • It's top knot and half up in one hairstyle that will make your summer. Celebs and streets love it and we are talking about creating the whole look.
  • Getting a tattoo must be an informed and well thought out decision if you don't want to regretfully remove it later.
  • 2015 Cannes Festival is in peak so there's a lot to see. We look at the six amazing looks of the Cannes week.
  • You must have heard at least once in your life that the beauty starts from within. And if you really take that literally it will definitely transform the way you look, body composition, skin, hair, ...
  • Being beauty savvy comes from experience, but here are a few tips for those who want to save a bit on their routine and still look fab any day of the year.
  • It's getting increasingly warm with every passing day but you won't let go the bright makeup? Then we have a few summer makeup ideas for you to get upgrade your look with.
  • White eyeliner is a great substitute for black eyeliner in spring and summer. Lighten up with white eyeliner using our tips and ideas on how to wear it.
  • Summer is coming and it's time to clear up your beauty routine and get ready to glow at those festivals and in new vacation lands.
  • Summer is heavy on heat and sweat, so beware of what you put on your face. Here are the products to ditch before summer.
  • Lip liner got a bad rap but it shouldn't deter you from using it if you want to prevent lipstick from bleeding or make it last longer. But beside that you can also use it ...
  • False eyelashes are a beauty staple that can transform the look in seconds. They can be a bit expensive but even the most affordable variants can make help you create the look that is fresh ...
  • There is something alluring about temporary transfer tattoos that imitate jewelry. The temporary tattoo trend is on the rise again and it already took Hollywood by storm.
  • Smokey eye is a classic of an evening makeup. But you can give it a modern twist to freshen it up with the latest trends or give it a new color to stand out from ...
  • Pantone and Sephora partner up again to show you how to wear this year's color, Marsala, a beautiful earthy wine red that is a bit on the muted brownish side.
  • Barbie pink lipstick is back. Learn how to rock it this spring without worrying that it looks too unnatural or 'plastic'.
  • Seems like this color of the year, Radiant Orchid, has taken a place in beauty and won't go away for at least another season. Learn how to pull off purple eyeshadow look with out tips. ...

Beauty Tips

Beauty is mysterious and versatile so it has secrets. OurVanity shares beauty secrets and provides tips for any occasion. Get to know the latest hair and skin products as well as new nail polish and makeup collections. Learn celebrity beauty secrets and health & fitness tips. OurVanity is an ultimate guide to beauty and health!

  • Staying fit on vacation may seem daunting but it's not all that terribly difficult as you might imagine. Just simple few steps can keep those extra pounds off.
  • So when you are working out hard you want to see results and fast but making mistakes is inevitable and not doing some things can hinder whatever the goal you're trying to achieve. Here are ...
  • How to finally make yourself eat healthy and go to the gym?
  • Make time for workout whenever or wherever you are to maintain and even get in shape. These ideas will help you keep your physical activity in check even if you don't have time to go ...
  • Some regions are known for scorching summers and one delicious way to beat it is ice-cream. But since it's packed with fats and sugar these five cool low-calorie alternatives are worth to try.
  • Sugar in summer drinks can make us pack pounds while we want to stay bikini-ready throughout the season. These 5 cooling homemade drinks are low on sugar (or at least can be if you want ...
  • Special K diet promises you to lose up to 6 pounds in two weeks, but is this really true?
  • Get the perfect bikini body for summer with these simple exercising tips.

Beauty and Health Tips

Beauty has so many facets and faces! Find out the beauty tips and secrets with We put up tips on hair, nail and skin care, latest beauty trends and new makeup styles. Get to know what your favorite celebrities use to maintain their beauty. OurVanity is a source of multiplying beauty tips, secrets and news. Stay tuned for the latest beauty products, makeup collections and tips.

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